Thursday, 22 September 2016

I'm Done (*mops brow*)

OK, apologies for the onslaught. I had a lot of reviews to catch up on.
So, you now have book reviews that have stuck with me. They are quite eclectic, but they're all very good.
I hope you manage to take some time out to read each review.

Good news; I won't have to do such a major blog dump again. I'll just post reviews of books I like as and when I read/review them.

Exciting thing; have you noticed I now have a newsletter signup on this page?
If you want just a few emails per year, notifying you of my important announcements please do sign up.
It really won't be lots of emails, I promise.

If you do want regular updates please follow me on social media.
I'm on TwitterFacebook and now also on Instagram (TLClarkAuthor)

OK, tired now. I go nap. :)

Love & light,

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