Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review - Calico Jack in Your Garden - ooh arr

Rating: 5*
Read: January 2015
Realistic catgeory: lol

And now for something completely different.

Well, what can I say?
I read the first half of this book thinking, ""Wow; this must be very therapeutic for the author! I do hope he's vented enough so that he now feels better!"

Then I read the chapter on the agony uncle comments from genuine questions off the internet.
I actually cried with laughter (this takes a lot!). Properly funny. I was laughing like a wild woman (sitting in my car in my lunch break), looking around in case my colleagues passed by and finally called the 'men in white coats' for me! :-0

From then on, there seemed to be more humour (or maybe something in me had let go of my own tension?)
Love the bit on chavs and Argos jewellery!

And erego, my husband doesn't have to pretend not to "look at tits".
In fact, just this weekend he pointed out a young lady in a service station as she had "a really round arse!"
Indeed she did, and I too marvelled at how it was one large round orb (not two butt cheeks); just one!? ;-P

Also, for the record, I am an adult romance novelist, so hopefully fit into your category, but I'm writing a yummy review so surely that counts? :-)

This book rants and raves about so many of life's injustices, and dares to say what many would not. Most of us think it, but are too afraid to say it.

Again, this is not me. I tend to have verbal diarrhoea, and probably am too blunt. But call a spade a spade (this, in spite of my middle class upbringing!).

So yes, by all means read this book. Share some angst and have a good laugh at it.
The world doesn't laugh enough and it jolly well should!

Nice one Karl; you're clearly a diamond geezer! :-)

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