Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review - I'm in love with - Evelina

Rating: 5* (I'd give more if I had them)
Read: November 2015
Category: Historical Romance/Original founder 

Oh, the folly of modesty and reserve; how much confusion is caused falsely in thy name?

I absolutely adore this book! I can't believe I've only just discovered it.
It is one of the first romance novels, so do beware of ye olde language. But you do get used to it.

I found it amusing at how much chaos was caused by Evelina's purity and innocence.
How short this novel would have been if she lived today and was at once able to speak her mind.
But this is what makes the book so lovely.

There is absolutely no requirement for sex in this romance. I blush at even associating such an act with this work of refinement!

Evelina attends balls and gatherings of all sorts, and her eyes are opened to the horrors and wonders of this world.

Every romance reader (or indeed author) should read this book.
I feel myself greatly affected by its contents. And I thank and honour Fanny for her bravery as it must have taken great courage to write this way at the time. And in so doing she paved the way for many romance novels ever since.

Incidentally, in today's terms; one J Austen 'crowd funded' this book's publication (before she herself was published).
Oh, how much do we owe to this book? 

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