Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review - Northern Heights - heightened romance

Rating: 4*
Read: September 2015
Reckon the category is: Contempoarary Romance

We start this story with a young girl named Barbara, and the awful bullying she suffers. Then the trail goes cold and we switch to Nicola. But stick with it; you may be surprised when Barbara does re-surface!

Nicola gets bullied by her boss at work; I really sympathised with her through this. It’s amazing what a slight change in perspective can do for people.

We come across a lot of bullies, but the tales are shown in a positive light.
We learn about coping strategies and how to overcome difficulties. We also engage with Nicola’s wonderful friends, and share her joyous romance.

Because bullying clearly wasn’t enough of a challenge, we are also guided through the ups and downs of lesbian relationships. And it is all wrapped up with a good dose of humour, so it never feels depressing.

This book is really lovely. It’s really well written, and it feels like it’s done straight from the heart. I was completely hooked and really had to find out what happened to the characters.

The author really settles into her stride as the book progresses. An excellent first novel. May there be more!

Definitely recommend to a friend material.

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