Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review - One (cliffhanger coming up)

Rating: 4*
Read: September 2016
Reckon it's: Romanctic Suspense

This book is a really good suspense/romance.
It's very well written, for a start.

We begin this tale with a very bloody murder, and the plot thickens as hunky Xavier (detective) has to find who the murderer is.
He doesn't expect to find love along the way.

Both the hero and heroine of this book have a traumatic past, which they have to try to overcome, at the same time as dealing with a rather nasty 'present'.

I love how the relationship develops.

Watch out; there's a lot of blood in these murders. A lot!!

I was hooked almost from the very first page.

If you like romantic suspense and/or murder mysteries go for it!

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