Thursday, 29 December 2016

Review - Murder in Absentia - Solved by a Sly Fox!

Date read: December 2016

Genre: Roman/Crime Thriller/Paranormal - so much going on!

My rating: Full marks 5*

So, I've found a book worthy of a review on my blog after a few books that weren't worthy, hence the radio silence.

I really did enjoy this book, there's certainly a lot of boxes ticked by it.

My review:

A town borrowed from Ancient Rome, magic, a murder mystery being solved by a sly Fox...what's not to like?

This book is very cleverly written.
A fictitious town which borrows influences from different parts of Roman history, and melded together to create an intriguing story.

A young man is murdered using dark magic, and Felix the Fox is hired to solve the mystery. He's a rather colourful character with just enough darkness to make him fascinating whilst still be likeable.

The reader is taken on a magical journey around beautiful islands and even into taverns and brothels. I enjoyed the hot baths especially.
The world and people Assaph Mehr creates come to life off the pages. I could almost smell the fish!

This is a really fab book.  If you like whodunnits and/or paranormal/historic novels you should read this.

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