Friday, 2 November 2018

Interview With an Author - Closing Thoughts

A huge thank you to all authors who took time out of their busy schedule to respond to my interview - you are all totally awesome 💗
Let's all give them a massive round of applause, folks:

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Thanks also to the wonderful readers and bloggers who have followed this interview series.
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So, what have we learned? 

My observations:

💭 Writing is hard! 
Yeah, no surprise there. But we ALL go through times of strife. 
It can be solitary, furstrating, gut wrenching, BUT we love it! 
As hard as it can be, we are all passionate about sharing our books. 

💭 No matter how many millions of books you sell, you're still grateful for a spotlight. 
We love interacting with our readers and will grab the opportunity to do so when we can. 
(*everybody wave to each other*) 

💭 Writers support writers. 
Those just starting and those who have reached dizzying heights; we all appreciate the hard work involved. 
We want each other to succeed as we appreciate how much we put into our creations.

💭 We are all readers. 
Writers love to read too, and will do so as much as possible. 

💭 Given the chance, the preferred uniform of an author is pj's. 😁
One can sit in the same position for many hours; we have to be comfy! 
Our writing spots are our little creative nests, wherever they happen to be.

💭 We are never too big to take advice. 
Life is all about lessons, and we are forever learning. 
Read, write and carry on - kinda the basis of all the advice we love! 

💭 Huh, NOT all writers drink coffee. Who knew?! 😕
But many of us DO use it as writer's fuel, so it's not fully debunked. 

💭 So, readers; come say hello to us. Read our books, leave a review, follow us on social media. We appreciate you more than you can ever know. 
Writers; support one another. Whatever breed you are, we are all the same species...writer!


  1. Thanks TL. This has been an awesome series. I enjoyed getting to know these authors a bit more and am looking forward to more interviews in the future.

    xx Wendy

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking part xx