Monday, 3 December 2018

A quick catch up from TL Clark

Sorry I've been quiet lately.
November was a challenging month for many reasons, including my SAD kicking in, battles with Facebook AND Amazon (as so many seem to have had to do recently), and germs trying to attack me.

Hopefully the worst of all that is now behind me.

I wrote 15,000 words of my Regency romance last month, bring the total to 65k words so far. There's progress being made. Please bear with me. I'm trying so hard to finish draft 1 soon.

There's now a fab video banner at the head of my Facebook page.
New business cards have been designed and delivered.
I'm trying to arrange some public appearances (ongoing).
'Help for the Holidays' Facebook event was held this weekend (lots of organisation involved!).
My Christmas tree is now up (muchly happiness has been brought in by this).

And Love Bites Harder (part 2 of the Darkness & Light Duology) is now available in papaerback:
~ On Amazon (should be linked to my ebook soon)
~ And the Waterstones website

If you're missing me, don't forget you can always stay up-to-date via my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Once this book's done I'll be creating a Regency information blog post.
I've had to look up so much, despite being a massive Jane Austen fan, and having read many historical romances! So, I'm going to plonk it all in one place; share the knowledge.

Also, all my books are available on all platforms (due to the volatile nature of Amazon).
You can check them out via Books2Read (which takes you to your preferred store), but they are still on Amazon too (no panic).

OK, back to the writeuming!

I hope you're faring well.

Always in love and light,

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