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As much as I enjoy blogging, I am first and foremost a romance author.
Well, around my full time job and being a holistic therapist.
But you know what I mean; writing is the thing which 'lights me up' and is where my heart lies.

To date, I have written and self-published five books. Each is stand alone, so you can be free to pick whichever one calls out to your innermost desires.

They are all available on Amazon

Here's a short synopsis of each for you:

Young's Love
Features a young lady trapped in an overly controlled life and marriage. This story is about her fight to break free, and the ensuing dates (which have mixed results). There's also a trip to Tuscany and gelato! It happens to be the first book I wrote.

True's Love  (YouTube Trailer)
Amanda Trueman is a mild admin worker by day, wild clubber at night.
She shares some of her promiscuous sexpolits before heading off to sunny Ibiza with a girl friend, where she meets more than she bargained for in the shape of a blonde Russian bodyguard.

But danger looms! Suspense with your romance!

Dark Love
Is my BDSM offering. Jonathan is a very obedient puppy, err...male sub. But disaster strikes, and he is forced to face the possibility of leaving his beloved lifestyle, especially as a slice of 'vanilla' is served up on his board of options.

Rekindled Love  (YouTube Trailer)
This is the most touching book in my offerings. We join Sophie with her first love, who she gets torn away from. We then follow her through births, deaths and marriages. It's a story which seems to resonate with so many of my reads, and reconnects them with their own first tender love. Rekindle your own flames; gaze across the years, and remember fondly those sweet halcyon days.

Broken & Damaged Love
This one is very different. It is based around a sexually abused girl. Tina's story goes through the darkness to find the light. We are shown her world of horror, but go with her through her journey of survival and recovery.

The Darkness & Light Duology


Love Bites and Love Bites Harder 

The paranormal ones.
New adult>paranormal

A rich tale of witchcraft, fae, sorcery, elinefae and dragons.

Shakira was seeking a place to call home, but found so much more in the quaint Welsh village.
She discovers a strange clan, but her very existence is against their laws.

Click here to view me reading an excerpt (in my British accent) on YouTube.

Links to my books can also be found via my Goodreads page

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