Saturday, 26 March 2016

Catchup (not ketchup)

Oops! I’m sitting here, only just realising I’ve not posted in a long time. 
Now, I did warn you at the start of the year this would happen. 
But I apologise nonetheless, as I didn’t mean to leave it quite so long.

So, what has this year brought so far?

Broken & Damage Love was my most successful book launch yet. 
The Oct-Dec royalties mounted up to just over £50, all of which was donated to HAVOCA (who help adult survivors of child sex abuse find help). 
The day I paid the money over was a very proud day for me.

This same book is now raising funds for Wave 105's 1,000 Faces campaign.
The money will go to Cash for Kids, another very worthy charity.
The book is still (and always will be) 99p. So please go and download it from your country's Amazon site.
Amazon UK
I’ve started to write my vampire romance, which is great fun to do. I think you’ll like it. 
All I’ll say for now is they’re not your normal vampires, no they don’t sparkle in the light and no they’re not vegetarians.

Other than that, I seem to have lost myself in a swamp of day job duties and book promotion.

This weekend is mercifully a lovely long bank holiday, so I have time to recuperate and re-energise.
I promised myself to stay focussed on my goals this year, which I have. But it’s now time to switch modes, I think.

So, I’m sat here rambling away to you all, like you care about this dull minutiae of my life.

Oh, one other thing I have been doing is reading Clarissa Harlowe. Wow, that’s a long book!
I really didn’t know when I began that it’s claim to fame is that it’s the longest novel ever written in the English language! Letter after letter between friends. So much detail.
Yes, the word minutiae above made me think of it.
I’ve actually taken a break so I can get back to reading some other indie authors. But I will finish it.

I’m actually quite excited at the moment. There’s a possibility I may actually travel to India later this year. Get me! Culture vulture! ;-p

As I look out of my window I can see a cold, grey, damp typical English Easter bank holiday weekend.
But I also acknowledge that the rain is cleansing, and without it the flowers won’t grow.

This and the tragic events around the world (not just in Brussels) remind me to hold onto the light.
Yes, these things can make my heart heavy, and I even get angry about it.

But darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.
I know it’s hard, but please shine your light brighter, and hold love in your hearts.
I speak to myself as much as you when I say this. We all need reminding sometimes.

Right, that’s probably enough of a jumbled catch-up mind vomit for you all.

Have a Happy Easter/Ostara/Chocolate eating, fertility festival of your choice.
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Love & light,