Sunday, 18 December 2022


Wishing for Coal by Emma Jaye

Date read: 18th December 2022

My rating: 4.5*
Genre I reckon: M/M Christmas Spice

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Fine, I'll admit it, I like brats in my m/m romance, and this Christmas fairy is the brattiest! I wasn't surprised - I've enjoyed previous books by this author with that dynamic.

But has he met his match in his wish target; a grumpy dom?

It's not grump/sunshine, btw. e.g. Coal can't stand the saccharine-sweet elves in the North Pole. Maybe grinch/brat?

There are certainly challenges in this wish fulfilment, a sprinkling of magic, and plenty of punishments; oh my!

Oh, what fun it was to read ;-) Now, do I feel naughty or nice?? LOL 

A 4.5* rating from me. 

Looking for some holiday spice? You won't be disappointed!

Always in love and light,

Saturday, 10 December 2022


Winter Solstice Murders by C Farren

Date read: 10th December 2022

My rating: 4*
Genre I reckon: Magickal Cosy Mystery

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Talking familiars and a murder mystery. I just had to read this one!

I really enjoyed the story. The magickal world in which it was set was maybe a little too similar to our own. It was more like a different realm of Earth imho. But familiars and magick are commonplace in Magpie Cove.

Death by tea; doesn't get much more cosy mystery than that, right? 

When Bea is illegally brought back to life, she's determined to discover who her murderer was before they can try again. 

tbh Bea isn't the most lovable character I've ever read. She's quite distanced from friends and family. But then that gives her several suspects to investigate, so I was intrigued to discover why. And Widdershins, her feline familiar, kept me reading. 

I wasn't really trying to solve the case as I was happy to go with the flow. But I didn't guess the culprit.

Having a middle aged heroine was refreshing. 

A fun, magickal mystery.

Always in love and light,


Wednesday, 30 November 2022


Witches & Whisky by Wendy Hewlett

Date read: 25th November 2022

My rating: 4*
Genre I reckon: Detective with top notes of witchery and romance

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Like a good whisky, this tale is outspoken with plenty of character. And forgive me, but plenty of smokiness too. 

Oh, Magaidh! The trauma she's been through! I'm tellin' ya, get your tissues ready. 

Maggie Glass is a detective. But her greatest case to date is set to get personal. Her childhood is a blur thanks to repressed memories. But can she get them back to help solve her latest mystery? 

She has some great friends; some of whom are a bit wyrd. There is magick lurking. But this story revolves mainly around a murder mystery, powerful women and those who fear them. 

Edinburgh is a gorgeous backdrop for plenty of thrilling action. And there are plenty of drams to be had, courtesy of Ghlais, the local distillery. 

It is an LGBTQ+ book in that there are hints of a f/f relationship but this is not the main focus; there are no issues to be sorted through in that regard. No, there is plenty of drama thanks to the investigation which will take a courageous person to uncover to its roots.

I cried more than once, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  And I was gunning for Maggie to get the bad guys! 

A thrilling mystery interlaced with an emotional journey.

Always in love and light,

Friday, 21 October 2022

REVIEW - BITE ME - grr, baby!


Bite Me! by Fae Quinn

Date read: 21st October 2022

My rating: 4*
Genre I reckon: MM Paranormal Romance

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A wonderful debut novel with a lovely style.

Blair is a tortured soul on the run. Richard is a tall, not dark but white-haired and handsome vampire on his case - the new boy in town needs to be watched; he may not be safe.

I loved Blair's arc, watching him grow in confidence. And his penchant for kitsch, fangy clothing is super cute. 

Richard is tall and brooding. Until you scratch his surface. 

There are some really sweet moments. And the x2 steams are a huge payoff for the very slow burn.

A whole host of well-rounded characters pepper this gripping story e.g. Chastity, Collin and Boots (a kitty).

And the ending is all kinds of dramatic.

Always in love and light,

Thursday, 13 October 2022


Gobbelino London & a Contagion of Zombies by Kim Watt

Date read: 13th October 2022

My rating: 4.5*
Genre I reckon: Cosy Paranormal Detective

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Review of book 1, '...a Scourge of Pleasantries" can be found here.

I love this series. Gobbelino London is a cat, and he's the narrator. He's also rather shady. As is his human, Callum. At least, they both seem to have dark pasts. But they're making up for it now with their paranormal detective agency. 

This book involves an outbreak of zombie-ism, including some headless chickens!? 

There is a real mystery in why there are zombies, and what on earth are the pair going to do about them? "No baby goats!"

Witty banter bursts off the pages along with snarky comments (mostly from Gobs). The side characters are amazingly fun. I adore Big Ted who challenges those with preconceived notions of the homeless. And maybe I like sphynx cats a little bit more now - but still, I prefer my cats with fur. 

All of this manic action takes place in the murkier depths of Leeds. An unusual setting, but I love it.

Although full of tension, this book manages to not be overly scary; a great achievement for a zombie book! 

Go on, grab this book - no tricks, just treats.

Always in love and light,

Saturday, 1 October 2022


The Good Knight by Sarah Woodbury

Date read: 1st October 2022

My rating: 4.5*
Genre I reckon: Historical Mystery 
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Phew! A tale so dastardly you don't want to believe any of it's true. 
However, this book cleverly blends historical fact with fiction. The attention to detail is amazing. It must've taken a great deal of research. 

As this book is set in 11th century Wales, there are several Welsh names which could've maybe benefited from a glossary so those unfamiliar know how to pronounce them. 

There is mention of slavery and kidnapping; just in case these are triggers for you.

That aside, this book is amazing. There are Cadfael vibes as Gwen investigates murder most foul, but within the confines of 11th century knowledge and behaviour. 

Power struggles have formed history since time immemorial and this tale utilises that in a fascinating way. It centers around King Owain of Gwynedd and his family. 

There is a host of well-rounded characters who are dragged through an action-packed drama. The body count keeps mounting and misinformation abounds! 

An intriguing mystery with some truth. 


Thursday, 22 September 2022

REVIEW - IMPrisoned - Captured my attention

IMPrisoned by Emma Jaye

Date read: 22nd September 2022

My rating: 5*
Genre I reckon: Dark Paranormal Romance (m/m) 
Buy link: Amazon 

Includes cameos of characters from the awesome Incubus series.

Oh, this book is fabulous! It's a brattish imp's tale told as a ghost story with a hint of dominance. 

Alastor has been used and abused for 400 years as he carries out his sentence to end a male family line. 
Darien never has been one to give up on a needy sub. Will he help break the curse or become the next in a long line of victims, though?

An amazing cast of characters with excitement galore. Mystery and steam are interwoven beautifully throughout. And we're even treated some fantastic historical insights. I did not want this book to end! The snark is off the scale. But so is the cuteness. This book drags you through all the emotions - love it!!

Oh, and the bonus scenes are fun (signup to newsletter required).

Always in love and light,