Tuesday 30 January 2024

REVIEW - The Tudor Prince - hang onto your hose!

The Tudor Prince by Mimi Jonathan Posner

Date read: 30th January 2024

My rating: 5*
Genre I reckon: Tudor Adventure

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Goodness me, what an adventure! This is the second book in a series, but can be read as a stand-alone. 

Mary Fox is even more cunning in this book, and she has to endure much. All under the steely gaze of Henry VIII this time. No pressure!?! 

Action, kidnap, escape, fighting, plotting - this book has it all. A real page-turner! 

Will the ever so charming Marcus be able to tame this wild tomboy? 

Always in love and light, 

Tuesday 23 January 2024


The Immortal Tailor by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Date read: 23rd January 2024

My rating: 5*
Genre I reckon: godly errand with some love

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If you've read the rest of the 'Accidentally Yours' and/or 'Immortal Matchmakers' series (and you absolutely should!), you'll understand when I say, "Oh, Cimil is at it again!".

The gods have supposedly retired, but that doesn't stop Cimil from meddling.

"The tailor", Damien, is a background character in previous books; he supplies the gods with their wardrobe requirements. He is dapper and professional - very prim and proper. That is until Cimil lands him with a whole host of chaotic sidekicks who refuse to leave. 

Things to get a bit stabby-stabby btw.

This author is one of my few one-click ones for a good reason. I can always rely on chaotic fun to cheer me up. The steam is a bit lacking in this one, but I can't say I overly missed it (shocking, I know!). 

A fab, fun read!

Always in love and light,


Tuesday 16 January 2024

REVIEW - Tricked At Sea - all treats

Tricked At Sea by Duckie Mack

Date read: 16th January 2024

My rating: 5*
Genre I reckon: m/m Holiday Romance

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The thing I love about Duckie Mack is that I can rely on them when I want to escape into a low-angst, m/m world full of adorkable characters. 

This is a novella but still packs a lot in. 

A cruise intended for Liam and his ex that gets used for two best friends. Oops, of course, that means there's just one bed ;-) 

Read this for some fun on the sea!

Always in love and light,


Friday 12 January 2024

REVIEW - Sea And Sky - salty and sweet!

Sea And Sky by Morgan Lysand

Date read: 12th January 2024

My rating: 5*
Genre I reckon: m/m Royalty & Shifter Romance

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This book is all kinds of gorgeous. BUT it does have a trigger warning; one of the MCs has been serially abused and it gets brought up a lot. 

I think this is actually my first merman romance tbh. I was intrigued, and highly satisfied. 

Kyler is the merman - he shapeshifts btw. But an evil pirate captain has held him captive most of his life, and has basically been pimped out by him and even mutilated. Somehow, he has remained sweet and positive, even if he does have to live a pirate's life.

Prince Gavin is a dragon shifter and third brother. He has plenty of issues of his own. 

But they both have one aim, and undertake a fake bond/dating thing to try to achieve it. 

Yet there are all sorts of baddies all around, trying to hinder their progress. 

Their relationship slowly built beautifully. The protective hero was swoon-worthy. And the steam was, well, it was hot!

Magick and chemistry. Sea and sky. Just fab!

Always in love and light,


Monday 1 January 2024

REVIEW - TEACHER OF THE YEAR - gets my vote!

Teacher of the Year by MA Wardell

Date read: 1st November 2024

My rating: 5*
Genre I reckon: m/m Swoony Rom-Com Romance

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Happy New Year!

One of my favourite books of 2023 was Mistletoe and Mishigas by MA Wardell. So, my first read for 2024 was its predecessor. They're stand-alones, so the weird reading order really doesn't matter. 

And OMG this book is so sweet. But also heart-racing. 

Marvin is a Jewish man who has ADHD and anxiety. He's a kindergarten teacher and up for an award. Oh, and he's the child of an alcoholic parent. And a klutz. Phew! He's adorable, as Olan tells him often.

Olan is the single-parent, gorgeous black guy who throws Marvin into flibbety-floops. And he might just be gay for Marvin. 

Five-year-old Ilona adds an endearing dynamic.

These two guys are super cute. But will their issues be the making or breaking of their relationship? There is a lot for them to navigate. 

Will Gonzo be forever more the therapy kitty? 

I loved how this was written, and the relationship dynamics. It certainly doesn't shy away from big issues, and they were handled with care. It's all quite 'real'.

The few steamy bits are HOT! 

Sweet, angsty, steamy goodness.

Always in love and light,

Thursday 30 November 2023


Mistletoe And Mishigas by MA Wardell

Date read: 30th November 2023

My rating: 4.5*
Genre I reckon: m/m Festive Romance

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First off; I haven't read Teacher of the Year yet :-O But this totally reads as a stand-alone. And I was after festive reads. 

Sheldon is a femme, super gay. I appreciate this won't be to everyone's taste, but hey, I LOVED him. After being rejected so badly, he's even 'more' to compensate. And how marvellous that he was free to do that in this book. 

The relationship between him and his twin sister is everything! And shows his vulnerability behind closed doors. Oh, and Janice the cat is adorable. 

Now, we get to the 'grump' part. Theo, bless him. He is a veteran with PTSD - an injured warrior. He has cut himself off from the world as he tries to come to terms with what's happened. This makes him appear grumpy and stand-offish. But that won't stop the unicorn-fart that is Sheldon from trying to bring sparkly sunshine into his life. 

Theo Berenson seems to be Iorek Byrnison in human form! 

btw mishigas means 'craziness'.

Fake dating is not usually my thing. But in this book it really worked. Both guys have issues, and together they can tackle them. (*whispers*) They're both really sweet too. And there's a height difference.

The mix of Hanukah and Christmas was lovely - a blend of festive cheer that was heart-warming

The steam was pretty good too ;) 

I thoroughly enjoyed this festive fake dating tale.

So, if you want a different type of holiday romance, you should definitely give this one a go. 

A 4.5* shiny stars from me.

Always in love and light,


Friday 3 November 2023

REVIEW - The Crown - Glory Be

The Crown by Nancy Bilyeau

Date read: 3rd November 2023

My rating: 4.5*
Genre I reckon: Historical fiction (which has murder mystery and a hint of romance)

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I actually discovered this book whilst researching my own novel, and I'm so glad I did.

The author has carefully weaved threads of real history into this fictional world, as marvellous as one of the tapestries made in the story.

Joanna Stafford (of the infamous Stafford family), is a novice nun at Dartford Priory.

Her strong ties to family vie with her staunch religious beliefs in this tale of woe and mystery.

There is a burning at the stake, imprisonment in The Tower of London, secret passageways, murder and sleuthing, Tudor style.

This was clearly very well-researched. And the characters are all intriguing. Brother Richard and Geoffrey Scoville are two of my favourites.

I felt immersed in Tudor life throughout.

A fab historical fiction (which has murder mystery and a hint of romance).


Always in love and light,