Tuesday, 10 May 2022

REVIEW - KNOT MY TYPE - liberating!

Knot My Type by Evie Mitchell

Date read: 8th May 2022

My rating: 4*
Genre I reckon: Accessible Romance With a Hint of Kink 

Buy link: Amazon 

I love that the heroine (Frankie) is an intelligent, independent woman who happens to be a wheelchair user. And she tries to empower others through her podcast.

The love interest (Jay) is a good-looking lumberjack who is handily to be into rope play; just the expertise Frankie needs for a podcast episode.

He taches accessible kink classes, so never sees Frankie’s disability as a ‘problem’ – hoorah!

However, everything is just a bit too easy. They have a major spat for 48 hours, but thanks to Frankie’s psychology training, she sees through his BS. But... it’s her friends who have to intervene. I think this is the niggly point for me.

However, I was gripped and whizzed through this book in next to no time. A fun, romantic read with a hint of kink.

Always in love and light,


Saturday, 30 April 2022


The Sound of Murder by KL Montgomery

Date read: 30th April 2022

My rating: 4*
Genre I reckon: Cosy Mystery 

Buy link: Amazon 

Such fun! A plus-sized MC (hooray!), in a production of The Sound of Music. Only, one of the cast is murdered. And it's happened before! 

Can/should Ruby solve this case before the cops? 

There's a whole host of colourful characters in this whodunnit. And I love the song she makes up as she goes along! 

Death, Ruby must solve,

This book, a great read for all. 

Always in love & light,

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

REVIEW - MATE HUNT - phwooar!

Mate Hunt by Amber Kell

Date read: 20th April 2022

My rating: 4.5*
Genre I reckon: Dragony m/m/m Romance

Buy link: Amazon 

Jory is a mid-twenties prince whose father sends him to another planet to find a mate. Oh yeah, a planet of dragon shifters. And there are many others, all seeking mates.

There are rules to the mate hunt, though, which includes no exchanging personal details.

So, Jory finds himself with one good looking, dangerous man and then another. But who will show as his bonded mate in the ceremony? 

I loved the details as Jory tries to explore his surroundings. And the super fit men were pleasing, let's face it. However, the love scenes were a little quick - I wanted more! 

I also wanted more background details of his potential mates, which I'm sure will come in the following books. The hunt rules meant we weren't allowed to discover too much yet. Not to sound too needy, but it would've been really cool to see the dragon forms properly; I only got brief glimpses. 

What we do find out is that Jory is no weakling. He stands up for himself and others, letting his fists fly when required - yay! His mate/s each are very protective - are they good people, though? 

I felt immersed in this world and its characters in this quick read.

A great start to the series. 

Always in love and light,


Friday, 1 April 2022

REVIEW - TOMMASO - tremendous

Tommaso by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Date read: 31st March 2022

My rating: 5*
Genre I reckon: Godly Romance

Buy link: Amazon 

(*inappropriate noises*) Augh! That's better!!

I've been in a bit of a reading slump. Fortunately, I know of an author who never fails to raise my spirits. All I needed was Cimil's insanity to set me right. 

Former Maaskab, Tommaso is a good guy. Isn't he? Regardless, it looks like he's turning towards the dark side again. Yikes!

Can Char really save him in time? 

Excitement in heavy doses, along with the usual asshatedness of the gods, sarcasm, leather pants, evil unicorn...the usual wonderful fayre I've come to expect from Mimi. Hmmm...Mimi/Cimi? I have my suspicions - LOL! 

Honestly, just read this deliciousness! 

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

REVIEW - ALL THE STARS - a dazzling romance

All the Stars by Duckie Mack

Date read: 6th February 2022

My rating: 4*
Genre I reckon: m/m friends to lovers

Buy link: Amazon 

A shiny ass gold star (or 4) for this sweet friends to lovers romance!

OMG Rider and Cameron are adorable!! There's no great surprise; they've been friends and become more. Cam/Camelot/Camembert (love the cute names!), has been dating girls - until a sudden revelation enfolds. A bit quick on the acceptance, if I'm being honest. But hey, it was hot so am rolling with it. 

The real beauty is in the journey of how they get there and what happens when they both finally go for it. 

The two guys are compassionate and caring, giving back what they once received. 

All the feels! 

Always in love and light,

Thursday, 27 January 2022


Orc-Ward Encounters by Sam Hall

Date read: 27th January 2022

My rating: 4*
Genre I reckon: Steamy Orcs Polyamorous

Buy link: Amazon 

I'm not gonna lie - I saw this on TikTok and totally bought it for the cover - like, yes please!!

I think this is my first orc romance.

So, we have a plus-size heroine (yay!). She's repeatedly dismissed as 'the fat friend' (boo!). But she stumbles (literally!) into another realm, at the olive green feet of some hulks, err... hunks... orcs!

Now, these are very lovely orcs - yummy on all levels. They've been raised to worship their mate. They are brothers-in-arms only (phew!). And wow, do they know how to worship?! Heat scale is scorchio! 

Now, there's some instant love here. Yet they all have to take their time over first courting, and figure out how they can work as a team (*coughs* one at a time). 

The characters are well-written, but I never felt the relationship beyond the physical.  And I wish Lay-la had been a bit stronger in protecting herself. We're given some beautiful insights into both worlds, including a town of fantasy beings. But let's face it, this isn't a book you read for deep, meaningful storylines - it's mostly about the hotness. 

A fun, steamy read with gorgeous orcs.

Always in love and light,

Saturday, 22 January 2022

REVIEW - A SCOURGE OF PLEASANTRIES - more than pleasant!

Scourge of Pleasantries by Kim Watt

Date read: 22nd January 2022

My rating: 5*
Genre I reckon: Cosy Paranormal Detective

Buy link: Amazon 

I was in dire need of a light-hearted book. Having read some of this author's Beaufort Mysteries, I was sure this would offer some relief. I wasn't wrong!

Gobbelino is a talking cat - what, like that's not normal, or something? This book is charmingly written from his POV. He's quite mercenary but ever so charming. 
His human, Callum, fortunately has better morals. 
Together, they are PIs. 

On this, the first of their adventures, they are set on a mission to locate a stolen book. Easy! Well, no. There's a lot more than meets the eye, or whisker. 

There's a whole host of marvellous characters. 
And a bunch of crazy. 
The misadventures crescendo into a frenzy, with laugh out loud moments as well as gasps of 'eek'! 

Wonderfully written, we get all the sights and smells of Leeds, and not always as you know it. 
The world-building is masterful. The humour delightfully dry and witty. The creatures fantastically outrageous.

A curious, quirky, cosy! 
A full 5* from me.

Always in love and light,