Sunday, 19 September 2021

REVIEW - RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE - blew me away

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuistion

Date read: 19th September 2021

My rating: 4*
Genre I reckon: Very Sweet MM Romance
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Let me start by emitting a squee! I am in my forties, and cannot remember the last time I clutched a book to my bosom in sheer girlish glee. This book is THAT romantic!

I wanted to hate it. For a start, I'm British and partially being about a fake version of our monarchy - well, that never goes well. And trust me, although the royals are fictitious, the titles are real but misused. And royalty do have a surname - it is not Wales! And there's several inaccuracies along the same lines. 
BUT I was able to see past this - it is FICTION! 

And Red, White & Royal Blue has been massively hyped - I generally avoid overly talked about books as it's nigh impossible to live up to such heady praise.

I was able to look past the very weird 3rd person present tense. Present perfect tense is often used, which is jarring. And even present perfect continuous - very rare! But the book is long, so I got used to it. 

What we DO get with this is a very sweet forbidden romance.
~ The 2nd in line to the British throne (Prince Henry) is carrying emotional baggage. And obviously the very stuffy Crown denies his right to be openly gay.
~ The first son of the US (Alex) - well, he doesn't even know his own sexuality. And with his mum running for re-election, the timing of self-discovery is bad. 

There is so much angst, it feels like the boys are more like teenagers. But they're in their 20s. 
Will he? Will he?

What we are treated to, is the sparring and banter as the frenemies are forced together. 
And then we get the very risky, stolen moments between them. 

I loved the sexy build-up. When we finally get to foreplay, the action builds....but there's no crescendo. The physical act fades to black and sleep. Don't go shy on me in the moment!!

The most wonderful part of this book, for me, is the email communication - they pour their hearts out and quote famous historical love letters. The pair show their true selves, and it's precious. 

The 'getting to know you' is delicious. 
The secret touches are tantalising.
The clandestine sexual encounters; electric.
The 'trying to understand' is captivating.
The need to know how it'll play out is addictive. 

Yeah, this is a proper page-turner despite it's foibles. And adorable love story which hooks you in. 
I didn't want to love it, but I did!

Always in love and light,

Thursday, 16 September 2021

All The Cuts And Scars We Hide by Garry Michael

Date read: 16th September 2021

My rating: 4*
Genre I reckon: MM Military Romance
Buy link: Amazon 

This book is an amazingly sweet romance. One former marine with PTSD and a guy from a Hawaii with troubles of his own. 

The pair have a cute meet, and slowly build a relationship which ebbs and flows like a tide as they each try to heal from their past. 

I love all the characters - well-rounded and developed. The MCs, Wyatt and Kai, are suitably fit. Really tough topics sensitively handled (but there are detailed warzone scenes which contain a trigger warning).
The way the guys try to impress one another is simply charming. 
The way they try to support each other is even more wonderful though. 

It was fab to read a MM book that was more about the relationship than the hot under cover action. There are just enough detailed bedroom antics to satisfy that side too though.

If you're looking for a MM romance that's beyond just bed action, then this is the book for you!

Always in love and light,

Monday, 13 September 2021

REVIEW - MORNING GLORY MILKING FARM - moooore than expected

Morning Glory Milking Farm by CM Nascosta

Date read: 13th September 2021

My rating: 4*
Genre I reckon: Monster Romance
Buy link: Amazon 

Once in a while, a book comes along that makes your eyes pop upon learning about it. 
A...minotaur...milking farm - I'm sorry; what now?? 
Well, colour me intrigued! I'm up for challenging my reading sphere. 

I was expecting horny weirdness, but I also got a sweet romance too - bargain! 

Violet is a human millennial who is in desperate need for cash. Her world happens to have a mix of beings living on it. And the minotaurs need to be milked (by pharmaceuticals!). 

This is actually way better than it should be. I loved learning about all the different types of beings with a seriously big twist. 

Sure, I wanted to see what the vamp meal was like. And maybe delve into her mother's reaction more. But now I'm just being greedy. 

Want a highly unusual read? Go for it! 

Always in love and light,

Saturday, 11 September 2021

REVIEW - Wake Up Alpha - didn't let me sleep!

Wake Up Alpha by Anna Fury (ARC read)

Date read: 11th September 2021

My rating: 4.5*
Genre I reckon: Omegaverse
Buy link: Amazon - pre-order now for 16th Sep release

Phewee!! Who doesn't love a kickass heroine and a wounded hero? 
OMG, I consumed page after page, willing the author not to turn this awesome girl (Penelope) into a simpering victim. Without spoilers, she didn't and I love her for it!

Having read book 1, my expectations were now set. And this book exceeded them. 
Samson - OMG, Samson! I could just hug him. Maybe then climb him like a tree ;-) 
And Penny is fiery af in all the best ways. 
Their hurdles are realistic and heart-wrenching. When they have issues, they talk about them - there's a wonderful lack of severe misunderstanding; hoorah!

We are let into the pack a little deeper with book 2. There are abilities which come to light. And heck, they just make these hornbeasts even hotter in my eyes!! 

Followers of my reviews know how rare my 5* ratings are, and this very almost got one! 
But it's an excellent 4.5* from me.
However, I'm already itching for the next book, so maybe that'll clinch that final half?  

You like shifter romance? Paranormal? Omegaverse? 
If you don't already, you will by the end of this book. 

*I was privileged to receive an ARC of this book, but my review is all my own, honest opinion

Always in love and light,

REVIEW - REALM BOOK 3 - a riotous revelation

Realm - Battle for the Throne (book 3)

Date read: 6th September 2021

My rating: 4.5*
Genre I reckon: YA Fantasy 
Buy link: Amazon 

Eep, what a dramatic conclusion to this fantastic series! 

Centaurs, elves, that flying carpet and a love triangle - what's not to love? 
So many wonderful characters are woven together in this series. And only in book 3 do some of those people reveal their true selves. 

The action is relentless as we travel through this battle. Good vs evil at its best. 

It stays firmly within the YA parameters. This raunchy reader kinda wishes it could've stepped outside that to unite two characters in a different way, but that's just me - LOL. 

I was rooting for the whole team the whole time. 
I felt like I was there with them, fighting alongside Lily etc., screaming with their, "NOOOO!" moments.

If you love YA fantasy, this is definitely a read for you. 
A solid 4.5* from me.

Always in love and light,

Monday, 30 August 2021

REVIEW - REALM BOOK 2 - Further fantastical fun

Realm - Ruler of the People, God of Death (book 2)

Date read: 30th August 2021

My rating: 4.5*
Genre I reckon: YA Fantasy with a centaur
Buy link: Amazon 

This book continues Lily's travels in Realm. And things haven't gotten any easier!
You'd think rescuing her long-lost dad would be it, but no. That was just the beginning of their problems because now the evil king has his sights set on the entire group. And he's not the only dangerous being in Realm! 

There's danger, death and drama galore. And a large dose of mixed feelings - well, when Lily is going through stuff, it's hard to sort through her warm fuzzies.
Oh, and there's a magic carpet - eep! And did I mention the monsters? And the centaur who's still yummy. 

Each chapter is titled with the person's POV we're viewing the story through. There's a whole host of characters and it was interesting to see the plot unfold through different eyes. 

All the characters have a history and depth. The scenes are described beautifully, including an Indian-influenced town. And I really felt like I was on this adventure with them, willing them to win the day. 

I might just let book 3 jump my TBR queue! 

If you love fantasy, you really need to read this series.

Always in love and light,

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

REVIEW - Rise of the Sparrows - raises the hairs on your arms!

Rise of the Sparrows by Sarina Langer

Date read: 25th August 2021

My rating: 4.5*
Genre I reckon: Dark Magickal Suspense
Buy link: Amazon 

Phewee, this book is not an easy read - as in, it tackles tough topics such as homeless orphans fighting to stay safe, and suicide. However, it is totally worth it if these aren't triggers for you. 

The story slowly builds from Rachael's challenging life on the streets through to learning whom to trust. Once it reaches its peak, the pace picks up to a thrilling level. A rollercoaster through a fantasy world.

Like all good books of this genre, there is a prophecy, goodies, baddies, magick and peril aplenty. 

How on Earth is this prophecy ever to come to fruition? The odds are stacked against them and success seems highly unlikely. Especially with a reluctant heroine.

There are some terrific, rounded characters in this well-written book. I stuck with them every step of the way, and may even have held my breath in places. Set in a medieval-feely land, we are treated to sights and smells which enhance this tale. There is definitely depth here.

If you love fantasy, you will want to read this!

Always in love and light,