Friday, 13 May 2016


So, having raised over £50 for HAVOCA with my book launch, I signed up for my local radio station's children's charity campaign.

I have to raise £100 which will go to Cash for Kids.
They help disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK,
Their website with lots more info is here... Cash for Kids

So what can you do to help?
Buy my book Broken & Damaged Love for just 99p.
All my royalties go to this charity.
You can buy it from any Amazon site globally and I will still donate the royalties.

The great thing is you'll be helping more than Cash for Kids.
You see, my book is about child sex abuse.
*shock* *gasp* Yes, I said child sex abuse.
It's the very fact people reel in shock at those words that I have written the book.

It is a taboo subject. But closing your eyes and/or ears does not stop this awful thing from happening.
So I'm trying to open up the subject for discussion.

My book is a complete work of fiction, but it is sadly all to realistic.
So, I have written Broken & Damaged Love to help raise awareness of CSA.

With awareness hopefully comes observation. And if we have more people spotting the signs of abused children there will be more people able to report and bring a stop to it.

The charities set up to help these children are heaving with demand. They cannot cope. That's how much abuse is going on. Right now!
Please help me help them.

Broken & Damaged Love also offers hope to survivors. 
It is still a romance novel and offers a shining beacon of light; the knowledge that no matter how turbulent your past, you can still have a happy future.

So, do something amazing today.
Buy a book for just 99p and open up a whole world of hope and help to many.
Thank you.

Always with love & light,