Thursday, 20 October 2016

Review - Steal Me; steal yourself for this

Steal Me (Haunted Roads #1)

My rating; 4 (almost 5) *
Category; romance and tragedy (with laughter)

Date read: Oct 2016

Oh noes! You can't leave it there!!!

Wow; what a gripping story! Stories really, I suppose.
There's a whole group of misfits with horrific pasts who all come together in their very own special dysfunctional way.

Great characters! I love Maverick especially. ;P

Halfway through there's a big perspective shift, and we get to see the story through someone else's eyes. This was really effective.

I only reserve one of the stars as the boys seem to have very adult/counsellor type insights a lot, despite being full of hormones. It could just be my sceptical mind, but sometimes these were just a bit too profound.

Other than that, I loved it.

There's serious issues such as abuse and death covered in this book.
They are extremely well handled, and done with compassion and understanding.

There's so much humour in these pages that the bad stuff is much easier to read.

I felt like I was in the little American town.

Definite recommend to a friend material.

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