Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The Importance of Book Reviews

I have always left reviews of books I've enjoyed.
I was gobsmacked to learn this was not the norm.
I started self-publishing my books over 4 years ago. It was only after my first book went live that I discovered the average is 1 review per 1,000 books read!!

Why should you bother?
~ Well, for a start other readers after you may like to hear your experience of the book. And this may influence their decision to buy it.
~ The quantity of reviews will help boost the book's visibility online. Rumour has it, that after around 20 reviews, Amazon includes the book in the 'you might also like' section.
~ It boosts the writer's confidence. More on this below...

This is my image but not my own words

Authors are funny creatures. We tend to lean towards being introverted, often with a caffeine addiction. We spend many many hours sitting alone, creating our books for you.
We can have what is known as an 'artistic temperament'.

Writing can be an absolute joy, and I myself love it.
However, it's not all sunshine and roses.

  • There are many stages of editing to go through. This can be really quite traumatic, as we may have to axe our beloved words, sections or (*shocked gasp*) characters! Our wonderful characters who are like friends. 
  • We await feedback from beta readers, proof readers and editors on tenterhooks.
  • Then there's the blurb, oh the dreaded blurb! Where one tries to summarise our whole book into a few short sentences; giving enough information to entice readers whilst not giving away spoilers (*groan*). 
  • And then there's that big scary publish button. Oh it's a giant red button in my head, which brings self doubt as I approach and depress it. Eek! Am I really ready for this? Will people buy my book baby? Will they like it?

Through these stages of writing, or perhaps writer's block, and all the many moments of self doubt...
it is absolutely lovely for us to have some positive reviews on our previous books.
It is not a mere ego trip. It fortifies our fragile nerves. It gives us strength to carry on.

I even like the not so good reviews. I acknowledge that I am forever learning. We all are. Nobody can claim to know everything. If there's constructive criticism in a review I will look and listen. It may even help me improve the next time.

Reviews are like hugs for authors.
So please, review our books. Even if it's a quick 'this was good'.
And it would be super wonderful if you then told your friends about the treasure of a book you found.

Always in love & light,

If you have read or want to read my books, and leave a review, you can find them here:
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