Friday, 26 January 2018

Hello from actual me

Over the past (almost) five years I have shared many things with you.
You know how I'm a British indie author of romance novels, of course.
You may have gathered intel on the things I like (or not e.g.coriander!).
And if you follow me on Instagram you've seen all sorts of things, especially my cat and food ;-)

But what you have not ever seen is me. Actual photographic evidence of my face.

So, I set a challenge. When I reached 1,000 followers on Instagram, I vowed to change all my author profile pictures to one of my actual face.

Well, today I reached that target, so have been true to my word.

It feels very exciting to meet you all at long last.
I was very protective over my identity, for many reasons. But those reasons have lessened over the years.
I did a fantastic photoshoot with a wonderful photography company, and they gave me bags of confidence.
I must say it feels very liberating.

So, here I am. Hello!