Tuesday, 27 March 2018

REVIEW - A Witchy Business - hot witchy goings on

Date read: 27th March 2018

My rating: 5*

Genre I reckon: Steamy paranormal

Buy link: Amazon

Well, my lovelies, you go how long without a book review? Then two come along at once!
This, I believe is my first 5* of the year. 

This book is action packed, and I read through it like a speeding bullet train.
I'm so glad I had an afternoon off. I forced myself to rest. Of course, resting for me is still like working, but hey, it's all for a good cause.

So, this book then...
It starts off with "a good little witch". Elle has been raised to be in complete control of her powers.
But her insurance investigation soon has her uncovering more then just a missing artefact.

Edinburgh is a magickal city, and is the setting for this marvellous tale.

I love Elle; I was rooting for her from the very start. I felt her confusion, and was willing her to find the truth.
Plus, it always helps to have a hottie like Niall added to the mix ;) 

This is definitely on the adult side of paranormal romance. Although not as steamy as I would normally like. However, the story didn't require any more raunch than it has. 

Should I ever find the bottom of my TBR pile, I'll be reading the next book! 

Like vampires and witches? The answer should be yes, as you're following me ;) 
Well, presuming it's yes, give this book a read. 

Love & light,

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