Thursday, 30 August 2018

Which is best - paperback or Kindle / ebooks?

This blog post is being written at the request of Melanie on my Facebook author page
But it is a question so often asked across all social media I'm surprised I've not actually written about it here before.

So, do you prefer ebooks or hard copies (paperback or hardback)?
Each has pros and cons...

Let us begin with ebooks:

Very portable - can take hundreds of books anywhere in one light device
Ebooks tend to be cheaper as there's lower production costs
Perhaps a greater variety - most indie authors tend to try out books in this format first
Can be read in most light conditions - Many have adjustable backlights & anti-glare screens
Discretion - nobody can tell what you're reading
Easily downloads - no waiting, download and read

The initial device can be costly
Battery which needs to be recharged sometimes
You don't get to see the pretty book cover after purchase
Doesn't have the classic smell and feel of a book


That smell! Is there anything quite like it?
The feel - you pick it up and leaf through the pages, a physical connection
Can be displayed proudly on your bookshelf 
Secondhand bookshops can be a treasure trove, you excitedly search through

Usually more expensive
Widely available paperbacks tend to be offered by mainstream authors; limiting your choice
People can see what you're reading
Weighty - if you want to take some on holiday, they take up space and weight in your luggage


Prestige - let's face it, they are good for showing off with
Look even better on your bookshelf

Very expensive
Quite cumbersome to read

Now, it could be argued that paper degrades over time. You may lose your precious book to mites and dust, particularly if you have an old hardback.

However, although ebooks have an online store, where they may be deemed safer, what happens in the event of an EMP type thing? If all our electronics are suddenly wiped out, what happens to these precious tomes?

But paper can be burned. Civilisations have almost been lost to history in hostile times. House fires have claimed libraries and books.

So, is it better not to put all your eggs in one basket?
Perhaps a little of both is really for the best?

And at the end of the day, is the most important thing not just that you read?
All books have the magick ability of transporting you away from modern life and into a whole new world.
Let us not quibble over one way or another. Let's just pick up whichever type of book we most cherish, and read.

Do feel free to state your preference and reasons in the comments. It's always good to have friendly discussion.

Always in love & light,

By the way, my latest book will be available in both paperback and ebook.
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  1. You've captured this perfectly. I still have large collections of ebooks, paperbacks and vintage/antique hardcovers, because I refuse to choose.

    1. Thank you. Got kinda fed up of all the arguments online tbh ;-) Why choose? You can have them all (*grins*)

      btw, someone pointed out on Instagram I left out audiobooks, for which I apologise. They are fab too, of course <3