Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Review - Mr Rook's Island - there's trouble in paradise

Date read: 16-18 Dec 2018 (the whole series!)

My rating: 4.5* (overall)

Genre I reckon: spooky, sexy, romance

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Everyone needs an author to turn to when they want a guaranteed good read. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is one of mine. I love her style. Her heroines are snarky and sassy.

Warning: do yourself a favour and download the boxed set as this is an addictive series.

Mr Rook (book 1)

Stephanie is on the hunt for the killer of her sister - a hunt which is going to cost her dearly.
She goes incognito to the island where her sister died, along with some very excited women who seek pleasure only.
The island is an expensive, exclusive resort where your every fantasy really is catered for.
But the very sexy, mysterious Mr Rook is off limits. Was he the killer?

Now, for an island full of sexual fantasies, this series is oddly not chockablock full of lusty scenes. I knocked a star off because of this.
BUT what you do get is a tantalising tale which slowly unfolds.
The island seems to have a life of its own, and has a strange effect on people.

I read this book in a day, and immediately downloaded book 2 - this is a rare thing for me.

Pawn (book 2):

Have you ever watched a series on TV, where not much happens until right near the end, then it's all systems go and you're left screaming for the next episode? That's kinda how I'd describe this book. It's not meant unkindly. Just this book is more of a slow-burner.

Some very odd things happen. And the tension continues to build.
Having finally their wicked way together, Stephanie then discovers something shocking, and is more determined than ever to uncover this man's secrets. She isn't afraid to delve deep.

As I read this immediately after book 1, the flashback scenes weren't required for me and became annoying. But I appreciate they'd help those who paused for breath between them.

I really liked the development of the weird, wonderful paranormal aspect. Mr Rook becomes more and more mysterious! Is he good or is he very very bad?

And what is the true price to be paid?

Straight onto book 3!

Check (book 3): 

Well, that's much more like it! Action-packed, satisfying end to the series.

Just as poor Stephanie thinks she's coming to terms with all of this nightmare, something else crops up. For pity's sake! This book starts with the fallout of the last revelation in book 2. And boy, is she in trouble.
Problem is, the only man who can help is...compromised? Unavailable?

How much can people sacrifice?

There's some unexpected twists in this book. One in particular that I really didn't see coming.

Overall, Rook's Island is compelling and addictive.
There's some great characters along with some mystery, lust and strange goings on.
Honestly, I preferred this author's Accidentally series - well, y'know, Cimil and a unicorn; need I say more?
But this series is very good nonetheless. I was hooked!

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