Hug Depository

Back in March 2016, I had a very pitiful moment. I reached out to a group in Goodreads, looking for sympathy.

Over 2 years later, the thread is still going strong.
It has become a refuge; a quiet corner of the internet to seek out friendly people, always willing to offer a friendly virtual hug.
We all have those moments. Authors particularly seem to be crippled by self doubt on a fairly regular basis.

And with the internet becoming an increasingly hostile place, I thought it was about time I extended my hug depository to my own blog site here.

How it works:
Drop a comment below.
You may pick up a hug at any point.
Or, if you're in a super good mood, you can drop off any spare hugs you may have.
And talk to each other; lend support whenever you drop by, and have a spare minute.

That's it. Simple as. 
Nasty mean people need not apply; any horridness WILL be deleted post haste. 
This is a safe zone! 
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Fresh pile of hugs ready and waiting on the shelves. 
And fresh baked welcome goodies and hot drinks are on the side. If you spill anything on the hug, please launder it before replacing it on the shelf. Thank you. 

Always in love & light,


  1. Oops! Comments box wasn't working. It helps to be able to actually have the ability to leave a comment, doesn't it? Sorry.

    Now sorted.

    Have a fresh basket of hugs by way of apology <3

  2. From one Hugger to another... sendng Happy and Healing Hugs to All!

  3. I’m a hugger, so I’m leaving lots of hugs for anyone who needs one.

  4. Dear you,
    We have a plethora of hugs here to get you started.
    Please feel free to take one and wrap yourself up in it should you require.
    Just replace it, clean, once you're feeling betterer xx

  5. I borrowed a hug from here Friday, as I was having one of those authory self doubt days :-/
    But now the sun is shining, and I've had some exercise, I'm feeling much betterer, so am returning this hug, freshly laundered and with extra faery dust :)

  6. Due to prolonged hot weather, the hugs are currently being stored in the fridge for a cooling hug for you xx