Sunday, 30 August 2015

Writing Inspiration

Almost every author interview, and many many people have asked me what inspires me to write.

Well I read a certain book which sounds like a colour chart. I honestly thought it was dreadful! From the poor plot and characters to the spelling and grammar, it was just bad. “Even I can write better than this!” I said rather arrogantly to myself. So I tried!

Where do I get my stories from? No, it’s not autobiographical. People do like to think books are, don’t they? But no, you are not going to get any wonderful insights about me as a person by reading my books. Hopefully you will get pleasure though. Rekindled Love in particular seems to strike a chord with people.

Nor do I sit for hours, plotting and scheming every last moment before I even begin writing. I’m one of those lucky people that the stories just sort of ‘come to me’.  I recently read ‘September First’ by Hunter S Jones – it’s only on occasional release.  It’s about a complete nut-job who talks to taps and sees poetry everywhere which seems to emanate from a Red Admiral butterfly. Although I don’t go around naked and I hope I’m not quite that bonkers, I did (rather worryingly) identify with the character.

I liken the sensation to having the stories knock on my brain. They bang on the door and demand attention. True’s Love in particular was very persistent. The story was the first thing I thought of in the morning, and the last thing at night, and lots in between. It was almost like a mania; it was in my head and just had to come out before it drove me mad. I remember even locking myself away in the bedroom when the step children were round, just so I could carry on typing all weekend! It was a massive relief to finish that one!

I get a basic idea/outlibe, and then as I start writing bits fall into place.

I do go back over and edit though. And I also have a couple of proof readers check through. One’s own eyes can be a little too accustomed to what has been written and assume correctly spelled words when perhaps you shouldn’t.

I do have very strong female characters in my novels. I suppose they get that from me. I just can’t be doing with the na├»ve prissy type in my books! And I have already pledged that book 7 will feature a plus sized lady. I do try to steer clear of the uber skinny girls; I don’t want to enforce a negative body image/stereotype. But nor have I been brave enough to aim for the proper fulsome girl either.

My next book is already knocking! I had got about halfway through book 5 when it started creeping in. I’m very excited as it’ll be my first vampire book. Up until now I’ve kept one foot in reality, but now I get to play!!

Ooh I just found a great quote I must share with you, and I include it here for my poor husband who knows this to be true. “A writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.”

As always, feel free to comment. Have you any writing styles/methods you’d like to share?


Love & light,

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