Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review - Breakers of the Code - it's a bit...broken

Rating: 4*
Read: April 2016
Category all of its own: Elfrotica

Wow! How on Earth or in Gentalia do I review this??

It is totally different from anything I've ever read, and trust me, I've read some weird s#!t in my time!

Welcome to the world’s best (only) elfrotica!

So, we join Anders, a night ranger elf avatar who is making his way through a computer world which becomes weird.
He soon realises if you can't kill them shag them is the way forward in this game.
He gets a ‘sawesome bubble butt’ to help him cope with ginormous monsters.
It's not so much m/m but m/mm action (male/male monster).

This book is pretty niche; it really helps if you like video games (which I do) and seriously, don't even touch this book if you're sensitive to m/m activity or explicit sex scenes.

There's really cool text boxes to show when the characters are talking to each other.
This actually made me feel like I was an avatar in the game.
I found myself wondering what my colour accents would be, and whether I'd choose an elf class avatar, and what my special (s) power would be. ;-p

However, these text boxes do limit the devices you can read this book on.
My poor old 4th gen Kindle couldn't download it. But as I have an android phone I was able to read it on the Kindle app on that, so really not a problem.
Actually, reading it on my phone, flicking the screen added to the feel of gameplay which may well have enhanced my reading experience on this occasion.

The book is well written and is wonderfully unique.
The characters leap out of the pages, and are all really well endowed...err...developed.

High scores for fun and creativity.

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