Saturday 17 September 2016

More Support Required - here's my plan

Hey everyone,

Long time no see!
I've had a busy ole summer. Apologies for my disappearing act.

So, I've been busy producing my first ever paperback, which I'm happy and excited to say is out now.
It's a release of True's Love, which has been out on ebook for a while.

But that's not the reason for this post.
The reason I'm writing today is to tell you I'm sometimes a little late to the party.
It's only just occurred to me (*der moment*) that for years I've been writing lovely reviews for fellow indie authors, and I publish them on Amazon and Goodreads. But I've not been sharing them. Doh!

We all know caring is sharing, so I am going to use my blog to share.
It'll only be the books I enjoy, in the hopes you may find the information useful.
Hopefully you'll enjoy some of the treasures I find.

And no, I'm not turning into a book reviewer.
I'd love to, but with a full time job and home duties and trying to write/publicise my work I have very little time, and I'm a slow reader.
(so please do not bombard me with review requests)

I do stumble across other indie authors, and I support as much as I can.

And sometimes I actually just read for the sheer pleasure of it, so I'll even put up reviews of some more widely known books.

Always in love and light,

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