Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review - Broken Pieces - it might break your heart

Rating: 4*
Read: February 2016
Real category: Memoir

Wow; Rachel Thompson is one courageous lady! It must have taken a great deal of effort to write so openly about her abuse.

There are trigger warnings deservedly in place for this book.
It covers child molestation as well as the abuse Rachel endured as she grew older.

I personally found it quite confusing; the timeline jumps around a fait bit and it's not always clear which moment she's writing about. But then that didn't feel important.

Rachel has clearly shared her painful experiences to help create a greater awareness of abuse.

There is no happily ever after; there is just one lady living her life dealing with the aftermath of trauma as best she can. Guess what; not all survivors have fully healed yet. This book is totally honest and open. I would have scored it far less stars if the author had tried to 'pretty it up'!

The style is unusual; it mixes essays with prose/poetry/journal style entries.
It was written the only way the author could write it imho. And kudos to her for doing so.

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