Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review - Dog Days of Summer - a steamy summer

Rating: 4*
Read: October 2014
Reckon the categories should be: Romance/Bikers

I loved the fact this book features motorbikes so heavily. I am slightly miffed I've never met a drop-dead gorgeous biker like Dog though! ;-P

OK, so I liked the plot too, and I 'bought into the characters'.
Joci is an awesomely independent woman.

However, (and I can't believe I'm about to say this) I was a bit bored by the sex. I'm not sure if it was there was just a perma-stiffy or whether there was too much talking during, or if it was a bit repetitive, but it just didn't excite me as much as I'd like.

Also, Jeremiah edged dangerously close towards narcissism at times. But that could just me being cynical on that score. Oddly he counter balanced this with being almost too mushy in places. A bit odd, but this didn't spoil the character. It was more tiny glimpses of. In the main, Jeremiah was a really cool biker bloke.

On the whole though it was a good story well told.

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