Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review - Fogged Up is clearly a good book

Fogged Up Fairy Tale
by Denise Baer

Rating: 4*
Read: June 2016
Real category: Contempoarary Romance

What an interesting concept.

As I read this book I was discovering the life of the main character right along with her.
Brand is an odd, wild, fiery and great character. She is by no means perfect, so I was fond of her from the start.

Easton however is stand offish, and I never totally warmed to him.
Although he did sound yummy, so I forgave him lots.

What Brand remembers is no mundane life. It's a life that's a bit messed up, and involves hunting criminals.

Sometimes it was a bit confusing. I wasn't always sure if I was reading current day or the past. But given Brand had amnesia, this confusion leant itself to the story. And to be fair, there is a little date and place at the top of each chapter.

Very nicely written, a different spin on a romance.
Definitely worth a read.

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