Wednesday, 9 May 2018

REVIEW - First Dai and Julia Omnibus - Ancients are Modern

Date read: 9th May 2018

My rating: 5*

Genre I reckon: Crime solving in an ancient modern setting

Buy link: Aamzon

I'm so pleased I got the opportunity to read this book. It's fantastic.

I have always been fascinated by Ancient Rome, but the authors bring it into modern day Britannia. 
Welcome to a Britain which Romans never left.

Dai is a true Brit, and has been confined by the harsh two tier system imposed by the Roman rulers. He's an investigator, fighting crime whilst standing up for his fellow countrymen. Tall, Welsh and noble.

Whilst Julia is a Patrician of Rome. Fighting crime for the little people of Roman descent who have also suffered. Clever and feisty. 

Mix in some Druids, underworld scallywags and opium smugglers, and you have some exciting stories.

There's so many wonderful details. A lot of research has clearly gone into this book, which has been interwoven with intriguing tales, which all link together wonderfully.

I love all the short stories contained here. The characters come to life. I particularly like Edbert, a mountain of a man.

No qualms recommending this to a friend.
It's a crime solcing extravaganza, with a modern yet ancient setting, containing great characters.

Always in love and light,

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